10 Reasons For Gratitude For The 10th Month

I will tell people that you always do what is right. I will always speak about your power to save people. But you have done more than I will ever know about! Psalms 71:15 EASY When I began this blog nearly four years ago, one of the things that I tried so hard to do … Continue reading 10 Reasons For Gratitude For The 10th Month

God, Are You There?

Have you ever felt like your emotions were raw and on the surface? Just at the slightest poke of words and actions from anyone, those emotions erupt in a flurry of actions and you react. More often than not, these reactions are usually out of proportion to what is expected of you based on that … Continue reading God, Are You There?

The Fine Girl Conversation

A Thoughts Of A Sea Anemone Special Fine: An adjective used to describe someone or something you think is good looking or healthy, very good, ethical and worth admiring. Synonyms include beautiful, handsome, gorgeous. Fine Girl: A female who is considered good-looking. An innate conviction The words in the image above truly depict what I … Continue reading The Fine Girl Conversation