All my life, for as long as I can remember, I have been referred to as the leader of tomorrow. In kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and now university, this title never seems to be far from me. This experience is not just particular to me. I’m sure that thousands; dare I say millions like … Continue reading TOMORROW IS NOW


Betrayed by my country. That phrase pretty much describes everything I have been feeling for the last couple of days. Just last week, on Tuesday 20.10.20; the Nigerian government opened fire on her citizens. They were unarmed peaceful protesters who sat on the floor, singing the national anthem and waving the Nigerian flag. They were … Continue reading BETRAYED BY MY COUNTRY

The Call.

Hesitation and trepidationMy first reactionsBut the wave of transformationWith the brave voices of revolutionMagnified in my headA thousand voices in exclamationMingling into one clarion callLoud and clearNigeria needs you!Step into formationEnlist in her new armyOf diverse personalitiesAll with one clear goal in mindA New Nigeria! Author's Note: The battle still rages. Okay, maybe I'm being … Continue reading The Call.

The Ones Behind The Scene.

On the wings of adrenalineWe ridePowerful and strongResilient and unwaveringGiving up?A lingo of the pastThe New is tingedWith colours of hopeA glimpse of victoryAll we seeTo stimulate the pushSeemingly endless hurdlesMany hoops to jumpBridges to crossStill we are dousedWith heavy doses of perseveranceOptimistic and enthusiasticIt’s a new dawnAnd we’re the facilitators of its breakingIt’s a … Continue reading The Ones Behind The Scene.