The Peace He Gives

Monday 23rd May 2022, 10:29pm

Dear Notepad,

Suddenly my mind is filled with thoughts of sunshine and rain and flowers and spring and of all the little beautiful things that remind you of joy and happiness and peace. I also have half a mind that I have almost just disobeyed nearly all the rules that guide grammar in the English language and for all the world is worth it, I do not care at all. The last few days, weeks, and months have not been easy at all.

Should I describe the moments when I have cried or times when I try to hold back the tears for fear of others seeing me in my lowest moments? I am, after all, the great Temiloluwa Johnson and I am never supposed to be sad or be in the dumps even when clearly that is where I have been.

However, I am not writing all of this for the sake of the gloominess. Not at all. I write to tell you what I perceive in the not-so-distant future. I’ll gladly tell away.

In a not-so-distant future, I will smile; my signature grin and it won’t be the one where my cheeks hurt from faking it so much or when my heart sinks deeper into depths of despair because I can never truly tell of the dread that I feel. I will smile because there is joy in my heart and I don’t have to worry about the circumstances and the situations that surround me. And I will laugh too.

Now, I am not delusional as to think my laughter is anything near beautiful. I know better. I also know that I snort a little when I laugh so hard. However, I will laugh so hard soon and my sides will hurt. I wouldn’t care if I snorted and was thought of as less of a lady but I will laugh. My laughter will be nothing more but chiming bells, tinkling merrily and depicting the sheer delight that lies in my heart.

I will, at that moment look back at all this time and all the ups and downs and all the feelings and emotions and bundles of things I don’t have words to describe, I will look upon them fondly in memory and sigh with peace at heart. I will toss my head and wonder about the many imaginations that lay in my heart at the moment and the many places of escape I have created for myself in my mind; my very own little country of dreams and daydreams.

I will think about all the many versions of my life I created; the alternate universes of my life that I drew up and I will smile about it all. Then, like someone closing a drawer that contains childhood pictures, I will close this chapter and move on. I will have such a present that leaves no need to escape to the different places that exist in my mind. My present will be beautiful.

Yes, diary, I think such optimistic thoughts right now, and funny how I cannot say what triggered them. Is it the phone call I just got off where I was telling another, “It’s going to be alright?” Or is it the words of the deliciously written Chronicles of Narnia? I don’t know but hope dawns in my heart and I can only point to one -my Aslan. Lol. You should know that I’d make a Chronicles of Narnia reference at this point.

I don’t know how He did it but hope is here again. Optimism is, here again, and encouragement is here again. I realize and understand again that soon, these dreary moments will be nothing more but a phase that has passed. Funny how this feeling just sprung up in my heart. Now my belly feels warm and my heart is fuzzy on the inside and I am genuinely smiling as I type this.

This joy is not explainable at all. I just know that it will be fine. I will be fine. I find strength rising again and bliss creeping into my soul again. I feel as though I took a walk in sunny meadows while listening to the birds sing and skipping merrily. I feel like an albatross just flew over me.

I know this for sure, this too will pass. I am assured of this once again. This assurance is indescribable and it only points to Him. Only He does miracles with the heart this way. Thank You, my Lamb-Lion. Now back to the book I was reading…

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

John 14:27 NIV

After struggling with so many ways to write on the topic, “The Peace He gives”, I finally relented and gave in to the Lord’s thought to share my private thought written some weeks ago to depict His heart to His people.

At the time I wrote the piece above; I was only beginning to understand what the meaning of God’s peace is. This meaning is not one you read or learn somewhere but it is one that you experience. It has been over a month since I wrote the article and even though the unhappy situations and circumstances persist, Jesus’ peace still guides my heart. It shields my heart and I live each day knowing that all things work together for my good. So I have no reason to despair. His peace is mine to take, live in, and experience forever.

Without mincing words, Jesus gives peace. Troubled hearts, sad hearts, anxiety, and their siblings are not from the Lord. Jesus gives peace.

His peace is one He gives freely and liberally just like His joy. You don’t need to pay for them; He has already paid for them on your behalf. All you need to do is to be in a relationship with Him and cultivate fellowship with Him.

You can be assured that Jesus will be true to His words and keep the promise of peace He made to His beloved.

Therefore, do not live like that child whose father was the king of the town yet he lived in suffering as a slave. Peace is one of your inheritances in Jesus. He gives it to you because He loves you. Come as you to Jesus today and you will not leave as you are; His peace will guide your heart.

Your Father, the King of Kings is the King of Peace so you do not lack in peace.

Jesus, your brother, kin, savior, and friend is the prince of peace so that makes you a royalty of peace. You have peace in abundance in Jesus, cash in on it.

P.S: The first half of this article makes reference to the allegory in C.S Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia where the Lion —Aslan is a symbolic representation of Jesus Christ. Jesus is after all, the Lion and the Lamb.

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