10 Reasons For Gratitude For The 10th Month

I will tell people that you always do what is right. I will always speak about your power to save people. But you have done more than I will ever know about!

Psalms 71:15 EASY

When I began this blog nearly four years ago, one of the things that I tried so hard to do was to separate myself from the blog. Not in the way you think but in the content shared on the blog. I didn’t want to write about anything related to me. I wouldn’t even make reference to myself or even put personal expressions in a post or write about a previous experience.

Nonetheless, a lot has changed. We started a column; the Thoughts of A Sea Anemone column and then the Gratitude posts. With that, I find myself sharing a bit more. As I brainstormed for this post, the Lord highlighted how this article would only make sense and be well written if I was more honest than I have ever been on any post.

So now, we’re back to my reasons for gratitude. I hope you enjoy this one!

Before I start on this post, I’d like to give a little backstory. I have been on an 8-month long break in my academic year due to the strike action by the associations of lecturers in the Federal Universities of my country. This strike action is one of the causes of a prolonged academic year in government-owned universities in Nigeria. Everybody sees this strike action as a bad thing.

Yet, it is in the face of this bad thing that the Lord has asked me to instead share the things that happened these eight months that made the time worthwhile. All this is to show that He is still in the method of taking what the enemy meant for evil and turning it for good; depicting truly that all things work together for the good of those who love God.

So, these highlights will double as the things I am grateful for this month.

1) Relationship With God

During this ASUU strike, my relationship with God has greatly become my greatest treasure. It is that one thing that has made and still makes everything else make sense. When things aren’t okay in this place, everything else in my life just doesn’t make sense. I have realized the massive importance of my relationship with God. I am also grateful that I can even have a relationship with God in the first place. Thank You Jesus for Your sacrifice.

2) My first hosted Instagram Live

During these past months, I hosted my very first Instagram Live Event for the blog. We couldn’t even use Instagram again at one point because the phone I used was sorta malfunctioning. So we had to postpone it and use another platform the next day. However, I am grateful that I took that step.

3) Scale up on the blog

I received clarity on the vision, mission, and even target audience for the blog. Yes, finally the vision is written and made plain. I now see better where God would have us be. All of this happened this season.

4) A Stronger bond with my mother

My mother and I have been chums but this time, we grew even closer. I understand her a bit more now and even though we do have our little quarrels, we bonded more this time and learned more about one another.

5) Able to Witness the Answer to my prayers

For some years now, I have been praying for some specific things in the life of certain family members of mine. To the glory of God, this season I got to witness firsthand the miraculous happenings in the life of these people and it was surreal. Thank You for answered prayers Jesus.

6) Witnessing the growth of my niece and nephew

Spending time with these two fast became one of my favorite things to do this season. I enjoyed the delight of being in their company and watching them mature over the last few months and grow more into themselves. It’s so wondrous to behold. My niece also had her birthday this month and it was such a beautiful day and now one of my most precious memories.

7) Attending Specific Meetings

This is like a mega highlight. Since I no longer had the excuse of school work and distance hindering me from attending certain meetings, I readily plunged into them. I attended the ones that I couldn’t attend last year and even attended one for the first time. I didn’t play around this time, I only stuck to the meeting organized by ministries that I am a part of. Every single meeting that I attended left an indelible mark on my soul, I learned a lot and gained a lot and I pray that I will be a faithful steward of all that I have received from these meetings.

8) A Master Class In Life After School

More often than not, most people don’t get to test-run what life after their first degree would look like. They just get thrown into those moments and take time to find their footing. However, for me, this time accorded me the opportunity to test out what life after school would mean for me. I was able to see the real struggle of things associated with working from home, juggling work-life balance, job hunting, workplace attitude, and actions. That is just to mention a few. Indeed, I have learned quite a lot.

9) A local Assembly

On campus, I do have a place where I worship that I belong to; a place that is truly home indeed. However, since the strike, the fellowship was closed down and I traveled from the state where my university was situated to my state of residence where most of my family lives, I had to attend a local assembly. All this while, I have not had a stable church outside my fellowship that I truly connected with.

This season, God answered my prayers and placed me in a wonderful local assembly; the absolute best for me. He placed me in a place that is home; a place where every single Sunday service is different and the experience keeps getting better and better. I have never had a better yester Sunday. I have met people there that I love, cherish and respect and want to be a part of their lives for as long as the Lord wills. I have learned submission, respect, accountability and more this time. God bless RCCG, LSC Egbeda, Peniel.

10) Brand bloom and new ideas

This time, I think the Temiloluwa Johnson brand bloomed more. I also tried out new things and got loaded with more new ideas. In other words, I have enjoyed just watching my brand evolve.

As always, there’s more.

Career Experiments

In this period, I was able to dabble in different career choices and paths and try out many new things. Although, all of them were inevitably related to writing I’m glad I can add all of them to my portfolio as things I have done. I also have a clearer vision of what I could later do in the future asides from my fiction writing. Plus, I also gained work experience and that always looks good on the resume doesn’t it?

Stronger Sense of my Identity In Christ

During this time, I understood more of who I am in Christ and the many things that are mine because I am joint heirs with Him. Yes, I had great lessons on this and I especially loved every one of them.

New insights, lessons, and an increase in knowledge

What can I say except that I learned some pretty terrific things this time? Many things that I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn, I had the time and zeal and I learned them.

Rereading my library

With more free time on my hands, I was able to visit some of my old goldies in my physical library and just soak in the words. I loved those precious moments of sitting with the book in my hands and my head in another universe where the book was situated.

There’s so much more that I could tell but that would just make this article long, way longer than it is now.

So, all in all, I am grateful to God for the last eight months. At the beginning of the strike action, I felt lost and confused and I struggled a lot but God found me and provided me with comfort, strength, and love. So, I was able to stand on my feet in such a way that I was quite unhappy when the strike action was called off.

My friend showed me this chat of how I was at the start and end of the strike action.

I moved from a dark place to a brighter place because God was with me.

Therefore, to the one reading this, God is with you. Yes, even in that difficult situations and dark times, God is present with you and for you. You can trust Him and lean on Him. Allow Him to carry you, comfort you, strengthen you and be with you.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus into your life, this is a good time to accept Him as Lord and Savior. Jesus loves you! If you are saying yes to Him, please click HERE!

Thank you for reading.

What ten things are you grateful for?

LIFE UPDATE: This post was written in October to be shared in October however, one thing led to another and I couldn’t share it. I almost gave up sharing it but the Lord wouldn’t have it. So, here we are.

Today also marks my fifth year anniversary on WordPress. That’s one more thing that I’m grateful for! Thank You, Jesus, Thank You, Lord!


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