Hi there, I was nominated for this challenge by Domeka of Beautifully Broken Into Me Blog. You can check her blog HERE. Thank you very much for the nomination, God bless you!

I have wanted to open up a bit more to the lovely readers of this blog and I have been holding back, not anymore. So I jumped on this train when I saw the opportunity to share my favorites with my lovely readers. I hope I can be more open and honest with you all. I hope you enjoy this post!

Here goes a list of my favorite things;

1) The lightweighted feeling I get after having an heart to heart talk with the Holy Spirit. It’s such a great joy to cast all my cares and burdens on Him.

2) Singing along loudly and offkey to my favorite songs.

3) Raindrops hitting my skin.

4) Watching the beautiful rays of sunshine after an heavy rainfall.

5) Watching the sunset and soaking in the beautiful view of the horizon.

6) Taking photos of the clouds and trees. All the cloud photos used as featured images on the blog so far were taken by yours truly.

7) Day dreaming and building castles in the air. I know it’s not totally healthy but I enjoy visualizing my future and the life of the characters I create.

8) Reading a great fictional work. I really love a book filled with adventures and something to make my blood rush and to just contemplate on all the possibilities of life.

9) Pushing the publish button on a blog post! I’m usually super excited!

10) Putting my feelings, emotions and dreams into words aka writing lol.

Here’s a bonus; I enjoy hearing my niece and nephew laugh. Their laughter is music to my ears. I also enjoy being the source of their amusement though. They are aged one and three respectively and they are such a delight. It’s also great joy to have quality time with my family. Thank God for family!

There are quite a number of things I actually like, also the rush of studying a chapter of the Bible is amazing. Okay, that’s enough before I get too carried away.

I would like to nominate everyone to hop on unto this challenge but I would outline five names here. They are;

1) My Life In Our Father’s World.

2) Becoming The Oil and Wine

3) Wrestling Word

4) Trenzz Network

5) Mulyale Mutisya

I have been struggling with a suitable blog post. I have no idea why I haven’t come up with something but I got the advice not to get too worked up over the issue and I am taking that advice. I hope to post soon anyway.

I am gladly announcing the start of a new column on the blog. There’s a couple of stories around it which I will tell in due season. I am excited for this column! I hope God uses it for His glory!

Happy New Month! See you soon!


  1. Congratulations you deserved this nomination and the opportunity to share with the world your favorite things. In today’s times there are those who seek ways to both express themselves and find means of happiness and peace. Your answers were all amazing giving thought to your readers of things they themselves can do.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for the nomination. I will need to come up with something fun.

    I appreciate that you stepped out of your comfort zone to do this. I love that you “broke the rules” and shared some bonus facts

    Don’t stress about what to write. In April I wrote “The Wall” about my own writers block.

    Liked by 1 person

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